What is Writers’ Bloc?

Writers’ Bloc is an open group of songwriters based in Ottawa.  We meet once a month to share the songs we’ve written and offer gentle suggestions for their improvement.

Usually people write to one of four topics chosen in the last meeting.


The meetings are at the Ottawa Folklore Centre, a.k.a. OFC Music, at 1111 Bank Street.
Writer’s Bloc will be meeting on the second floor of  the Carleton Tavern, 223 Armstrong St., beside the Parkdale Market.


Writers Bloc met at the Folklore Centre for un-numbered years until it closed in August 2015 – huge thanks to the generosity of Arthur MacGregor and all the staff there for the support they gave WB in many many ways.

Many thanks also to the Carleton Tavern for stepping up and offering a new home for WB.


WB runs from 2:00p to 4:30p the second Sunday of each month – except for the summer – in recent years we haven’t met in July and August.


Usually about 6 to 12 people turn up and we can take 10 to 15 minutes per song, which is enough time to get acquainted with it.  Normally, people bring copies of the lyrics to aid the discussion – sometimes people don’t hand them out till after they’ve played the tune. There is no “criticism” but people offer reactions and, if welcome, suggestions.


Most people bring guitars but you can borrow one. 

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